Efficiency in the ISP World: Streamlining Operations for Success

It’s akin to electricity these days.
In fact, I’d go as far as to say that despite the internet’s reliance on electricity, the average consumer is willing to forego powering their home, but they’d spend the money on some sort of battery backup to keep their internet online.
I know I have.

As a result of this attitude toward connectivity, operators have been forced to ensure that the equipment that provides this internet service to the end user, needs to stay online all the time – regardless of what’s happening on the national grid.

So R800 for an end user, at home, to get a little lithium battery installed – versus billions of Rands, nationwide, to keep all the various fibre and wireless/mobile nodes up and running.

The internet is a complex collection of smaller interconnected networks that work together to create the digital highways that we all use every second of the day or night.

The average person (Whether they’re a blue chip CEO trying to send an email, or an eight-year-old watching Blippy) will never understand or appreciate the amount of collaboration, time and effort that goes into the singular pursuit of ensuring a packet of information leaves its source and arrives at its predetermined destination.

And you know what? They don’t want – or need – to.

Here’s a fact of life: An internet service will go down.

And I can unpack all the various points of failure that could exist on a particular path – but that’s beyond the scope of this blog post.

The point is: there are ways to mitigate this reality.

As a customer, you need to balance access to the internet against cost.
So if you can’t be down, we need to engineer a solution for you.
Diverse end-point equipment.
Diverse fibre paths.
Diverse mediums.
Diverse networks.
Diverse subsea cables.

All these elements can be factored into a high availability solution.
But every step of the way increases the cost to the customer.

But if that is a cost you can bear to ensure you’re always up, Aesir is here to provide that service.

If you’re tired of dealing with unreliable internet (or the people that provide it), come to Aesir and experience the difference. With our personalised approach, advanced technology, and dedicated support, we’re committed to delivering the best internet experience possible. Contact us today to learn more about our services and pricing plans.