Our Services

 Aesir offer a variety of intergrated solutions  for your small to medium business IT networks

Business Solutions


We partner with you to create a customized IT Roadmap that aligns technology with business strategy and goals. This living document forecasts IT investments, sets the priorities, details the timelines, and illustrates the benefits and expected results of every initiative.

Business Connectivity

We keep our clients operating during and after an unplanned event. Aesirs customized business continuity plans account for not only backup & recovery, but also mobility & employee communication.

Technical Business Review Meetings

Your Technical Account Manager meets with you on a regular basis to discuss:

  • IT planning
  • Budgeting assistance
  • Report findings and audit results
  • Future recommendations

These important meetings help with open communication and keep expectations clear for the future of your IT journey.

Tailored for you

Our Consultants will always be glad to help If you are looking for rapid and efficient IT support for your network or single desktop.

If you are looking for rapid and efficient IT support for your network , We offer a wide variety of IT Support Services:

We provide dedicated IT support services for small to medium businesses.

Installing and setting up WAN or LAN networks

ISP Wireless, Fibre, ADSL, RAIN or Satellite

Identifying and resolving hardware and software problems

Cloud services Email,Voip, Firewalls DC Hosting

Network consulting best practice guidance.

All hardware sales including Servers ,Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Accessories

IP camera sales and installations

IT Security Solutions
 Aesir’s priority is your security.

One of the most important aspects of your company’s IT Infrastructure is IT Security. Everyday, Hackers try to break into networks around the globe to steal information or worse: hold you to ransom.

Find out how we can protect you. Aesir are the Malware security experts and we take security of your network and your data seriously. Taking shortcuts is never and option when it comes to keeping your information and users safe. Make sure you make the right choice when it comes to IT security. We make changes as and when new threats are released, when signing up for an Aesir SLA.

Anti-spam & Anti-virus

Protect sensitive or personal information from theft or loss. We initiate regular malware, spam and phishing scans to keep your network running smoothly.

Virtual Private Networks

Using the latest tools, we provide high security VPNs customised to your network needs. Aesir can provide comprehensive network monitoring and management functions for wide area networks and application acceleration/optimisation environments.


Two Factor authentication services provide the safest method of security networks and data. Access can only be granted via a dual login.

Mail Security

Mail is stored on our secure mail servers for up to 10 years. It’s the safest place to keep your mail!

Mobile Device Management

Monitor and secure all mobile devices on your network to protect your business from threats.

Cloud Web Filtering

The world’s largest global security cloud to provide the industry’s only 100% cloud-delivered internet security solution

Managed Firewalls

Our managed firewall service provides your network with an additional layer of security which is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Save time and money by outsourcing your IT Maintenance and Support to us. We’ll always keep you connected with the latest technologies and fastest solutions.

IT Connectivity
Make sure you have access to the fastest and most cost-effective network available
It’s important to us that your business stays connected. Slow, unreliable connections reduce productivity and damage efficiency. Whether you need Fibre, ADSL, VDSL, 4G/LTE, WiMax, Wireless or Satellite solutions, Aesir provides superior service and support.


Internet signal carried via telephone line with speeds of up to 10mbps.


Internet signal carried by telephone cables with speeds of up to 40mbps.


Wireless broadband signal providing high speed internet access over a wide area.


The fastest and most stable internet connection available


Technology that enables data transmission over mobile cellular network. Perfect for use as an ADSL of Fibre failover.


The standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals. It does not require a phone line at all. Up to 53mbps

IT Networks

A strong IT infrastructure for your network will often make the difference between happy users and frustrated users.

Choose the latest networking technology to make your business run better than ever before First we optimize, then we monitor and protect. Your network is your company’s lifeline

IT Network Audit

We’ll do a comprehensive review of your entire IT Network and find areas of weakness

New Network Installations

Once we have designed the perfect system for your business, we’ll implement it for you in no time.

Maintenance and Support

Once your network is up and running, we offer premium support for all of your network operations.

Hardware & Software

The latest in IT and Computer hardware/software means that you’re always connected and staying efficient. Increase productivity with the latest technology today! we’re able to bring you the best IT Hardware and service at the best price.
Servers & Networks

We’ll design, supply and implement a server or network solution that works best for your needs and fits your budget.

Laptops & Desktops

Make sure you have the best machines available to maximise productivity and get rid of time-wasting.

Mac Hardware

Our Mac experts are on hand to give you the best advice about the complete Mac product range.

Printing & Peripherals

Order your Printers, Scanners and all other peripheral IT necessities from us for the best service!

We supply a complete range of IT and Computer Hardware solutions for you and your business.

Cloud Hosting & Back-Ups

The cloud is revolutionizing the way business is done!

It’s time to move your business to the Cloud with Hosted Services. Why waste time and energy with outdated and unreliable technology and risk physical damage or loss?

We make the cloud work for you because we know every business has unique needs and requirements when it comes to their systems and data. You’ll experience far fewer issues compared to on-premises equipment because we take care of everything – from maintenance to security to ongoing support and updates.

In addition, all the equipment you purchase and implement needs to be monitored and supported. As time goes on, the costs add up quickly. The cloud, on the other hand, saves you tons of money and time as you access your data and applications stored in a secure facility away from your office. View our cloud hosting and backup services below

Hosted Exchange

Transfer your communications network to our hosted service and benefit from greater security, speed and improved reliability all over the world

Web Hosting

We offer you hosting that is faster, more comprehensive and more reliable. We’ll deal with all faults and guarantee 99.9% uptime

Hosted Servers

Why deal with the worry of physical harm, theft or failure of your server? Switch now for faster and more reliable servers.

Online Back-ups

Never risk losing a backup again. With our online backup services, your data is safe and accessable 27/7 from anywhere

Besides Email support, internet and connectivity fail-overs, we offer a variety of other support services. Choose from our On-Site or Off-Site Outsourced IT Support SLA Contracts.

IT Security

This includes Cyber Security, Backups and a well-designed Disaster Recovery Plan to ensure business continuity. In order for us to determine the correct solution, Aesir will Professionally Audit your environment and your exact requirements giving you peace of mind around your technology.

Desktop, Network & Server Support

Make sure you always have access to comprehensive and professional IT Support for your Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Networks & Devices

Cloud & Backup Solutions

Move your IT systems to the Cloud and manage your business in real time, from anywhere and never have to worry about losing data or system failures again.


We’re on call to help you and your company when you face IT struggles. We know you need an efficient IT infrastructure and we’re here to make sure you stay online. Our Staff are co-skilled in Windows and Mac and therefore can support networks with different platforms.


We’re on call to help you and your company when you face IT struggles.