AMS I.T. Manager Quits


The internal IT Manager at AMS left with no notice and very little documentation. AMS approached Aesir to assist in keeping their systems operational while they assessed their ongoing IT requirements.


Following a discovery audit, Aesir identified the following major issues; ineffective backup strategy and solution, poor information security configuration, and problematic VPN access for employees.

Our Solution:

Multiple projects have been undertaken to address the identified issues. To improve backups, a new NAS was supplied and configured to house local backups. Additionally, Aesir utilised Microsoft Not for Profit grants to allow backups to Azure cloud storage. Critical security issues were addressed, and recommendations were made for additional improvements to AMSs security posture. Finally, the ineffective VPN was replaced with a secure Remote Desktop Gateway solution that is easier for staff to use.

End Result:

Aesir’s efficient actions in assisting AMS through the period following the departure of their IT Manager has led to Aesir being formally appointed to manage AMSs IT infrastructure on an ongoing basis.


Cape Town