AESIR implement technology solutions that meet business needs
while creating better connections between technology & end-users.
Aesir provides professional managed support solutions bundled with trending technology which ensure we build multi-year relationships by being both responsive and transparent.
Our friendly staff have a myriad of tools and the skills necessary to set your mind at ease with on-site and off-site support. We provide a vast range of services when signing an SLA
AESIR: Implementing the correct technology and systems for your company because your business demands reliable, secure technology today.

All of Your IT Needs Under One Roof

 Where can we assist you?

We’re on call to help you and your company when you face struggles. We know you need efficient and reliable infrastructure and we’re here to make sure your business stays connected.


Your time is limited and precious. Wouldn’t you rather spend time concentrating on your core business activities. The last thing you need to waste time on is worrying about and trying to sort out your own IT issues which at times can last for days if you have a network, server, internet outage or even IT Equipment theft.One of our primary focuses is around IT Security. This includes Cyber Security, Backups and a well-designed Disaster Recovery Plan to ensure business continuity.

Choose from our On-Site or Off-Site Outsourced IT Support SLA Contracts.
In order for us to determine the correct solution, Aesir will Professionally Audit your environment and build a Service Level Agreement around your exact requirements giving you peace of mind around your technology.

Outsourcing your IT Solutions to Aesir means you’re given complete peace of mind, let AESIR take the stress out of managing your technology needs and allow you to focus on the running of your own business.
Our IT outsourced SLAs can cover any of the following and more
Aesir Systems have over 15 years of expeirience in building and operating networks from small business to corporate WANs and national ISPs.
Managed Services
Aesir Systems' Managed Services offers your business a suite of options geared around managing your IT infrastructure and supporting your employees.
Web Design
Making beautiful websites and helping you grow your business and brand online.
With modern businesses moving at the speed of cloud, DevOps has become an increasingly common approach to software delivery that development and operations teams use to build, test, deploy, and monitor applications with speed, quality, and control.

Save Time & Money

Outsourcing your Maintenance and Support to us means you will always be connected with the latest technologies and fastest solutions.


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